Child Health Research

Our achievements included dimensions on diseases and behaviors. In terms of childhood allergic diseases, Dr. Tsai HJ has devoted her efforts to identifying biomarkers which could be applied to reflect the status of allergic diseases in clinical setting. To discover underlying genetic influence on food allergy, Dr. Tsai HJ has also worked on genetic association and gene-environment interactions on food allergy. Dr. Chang, HY and colleagues took the advantage of the project ‘Children and Adolescent Behaviors in Long-Term Evolution (CABLE)’ to examine the development of health risk behaviors, such as unhealthy eating, smoking, and alcohol drinking, and the factors associated with the developments.

We have identified important biomarkers related to childhood allergic phenotypes/ diseases.

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We have discovered genetic impact and/or gene-environment interactions on food sensitization/ food allergy in children.

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We have devoted efforts to investigate the development of health related behaviors and the associated factors.

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