Geriatrics Research

During the past century, there have been dramatic improvements in life expectancy in Taiwan, with the average life span increasing from 30.0 and 32.1 years for men and women in 1908 to 76.7 and 83.2 years in 2014, respectively. As a consequence of this demographic transition, the population in Taiwan has rapidly been ageing. With the ageing of a population comes an increase in prevalence of chronic diseases and geriatric syndromes, and an expansion in healthcare costs that impose a huge burden on the whole society. Thus, it is essential to understand more about risk factors attributable to the ageing process so that effective prevention programs can be developed for the elderly.

We have devoted ourselves to collaborate with national and international researchers to initiate a longitudinal aging cohort study, “The Healthy Aging Longitudinal Study in Taiwan” (HALST), to investigate multi-dimensional factors associated with physical, neuropsychiatric, and social functions for the elderly in Taiwan. The HALST study, one of the largest ageing cohort in Asia, involves researchers from a variety of disciplines (epidemiology, biostatistics, molecular biology, psychiatry, geriatrics, and public health) across academic institutions inside and outside Taiwan. Results from the HALST study will provide information unique to Asian societies. In the first wave, 5664 community dwellers aged 55 and over, recruited from seven selected cities/counties to represent socio-demographic diversity of Taiwanese population, participated in home interviews and received comprehensive clinical examinations in hospitals (2009–2013). The second wave (2014-2017) is underway.

We have designed and conducted a series of research programs exploring the issue of ageing from multidisciplinary aspects, including molecular, genetic, cellular, clinical, epidemiological, and social-economic studies.

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We have integrated all geriatric/gerontological resources and research results for continual improvement of quality of life for the elderly.

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We have conducted a randomized clinical trial with Integrated Care for Geriatric Frailty and Sarcopenia. The study found that the 6-month integrated care improved frailty and sarcopenia status among community-dwelling elders, with high-intensity training yielding greater improvements.

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