Bioinformatics/Computational Biology

The explosive growth of omics data has drastically increased the complexity of data analysis. The enormity of data positions bioinformatics at the kernel of biomedical researches. We believe that future bioinformatics must confront the challenges of (1) efficient data analyses of unprecedented scale and complexity; (2) integration of heterogeneous omics data for biological interpretations; (3) identification and prioritization of molecular targets for potential medical translation. Specifically, the bioinformatics/computational biology team aims to:

Develop novel bioinformatics tools/methods for the analyses of next-generation sequencing data and microbial omics, including microbiome, antigenicity prediction, and genome/transcriptome analyses;

Establish computational models for identification of cancer biomarkers for experimental validation and potential medical translation;

Clarify the genetic bases for health/disease status in animal models using evolutionary genetics and systems biology approaches.