Clinical Trial Statistics

Clinical trial research plays an important role in medical research. Our biostatisticians and staffs span all manner of technologies with extensive experience to assist clinical investigators conducting researches at NHRI and Taiwan Cooperative Oncology Group (TCOG). We also assist industries in statistical design, data management, quality control, data monitoring, and statistical analysis as well as publication for promoting clinical development of drugs, medical devices, and clinical procedures. We provide comprehensive quality systems consulting services in essential aspects of clinical research and statistical support in cancer, neuropsychiatric research, infectious disease, geriatric studies, and cardiovascular disease. The research direction in clinical trial statistics research includes

  Provide statistical collaboration in the design, execution, and analysis of clinical research investigations;
  Participate in protocol development with statistical design and analysis considerations as well as power/sample calculations;
Ensure that the results of such studies are of the highest scientific integrity and meet rigorous statistical standards;
Collaborate on manuscript preparation;
Develop statistical methodologies to keep abreast of current trends in clinical research, including adaptive design/analysis in clinical trials, bridging study, multi-regional clinical trials, non-inferiority clinical trials, and evaluation of biosimilarity in biological products;
And ultimately contribute to the promotion of human health.